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Enviroil is a leading Southern Africa supplier and handler of new and regenerated transformer oil, with the ability of providing transformer oil analyses in our laboratory.

We offer tailored solutions to meet our Customer's requirement with the aim of consistently delivering the highest service and product quality.

We have ISO 9001:2008 management system certification and SANS 290:2007 Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) management system certification. Our new and regenerated transformer oil bears the SANS555:2007 certification.

Enviroil is committed to continual improvement and adopts a best practice approach to all areas of its operations.

Enviroil has successfully completed all the processes and applications required, in terms of South African environmental legislation, to enable PCB decontamination and transformer oil regeneration. Key authorisation and licences being:

For sales and any general queries, please contact our sale team on sales@enviroil.com

sales and laboratory contact details:

Megan Baker
mobile: +27 73 154 5411
skype: megan.b.env
Keith Smith
mobile: +27 63 257 0588
skype: keith.s.env
Selelo Mangoedi
mobile: +27 78 141 7013
skype: selelo.m.env
Chemist on-call
mobile: +27 60 506 0533